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Steven Witherly, PhD

Steven Witherly, PhD, RD, received his BS degree in Dietetics from the University of Calif., Davis, and his Masters in Food Science at UCD specializing in the sensory evaluation of food. Then at Michigan State University, Steve received his PhD in Human Nutrition. Steve spent 12 years at Carnation/Nestle foods as a food scientist then later served as Scientific Manager of Infant Nutrition. He also served as Director of R & D for Nutrilite, and later as VP of R&D for Herbalife, developing dozens of innovative products for over 70 countries. For the past 15 years, Steve has been a nutraceuticals consultant, through his company, Technical Products Inc. and has developed Nutraceutical food products for a variety of food companies. Steve was also was a part-time professor of Food Science at Calif. State University at Northridge.  He also authored Why Humans Like Junk Food, a treatise on why we like the foods we love from a physiological, biochemical and neurochemistry standpoint. Steve appears in print in many consumer magazines and such TV shows as National Geographic.

Steve is a part of the Kate Farms Operating Advisory Board.