Board Of Directors

Kate Farms is strengthened by the heart and expertise of our Board of Directors.


Brett Matthews
Chairman and CEO

Brett began his career in 1988 in brand management in the healthcare division of Procter & Gamble after graduating from Dartmouth College. In 1990 he became Vice President of On Target Media (now Patient Point) specializing in point of care marketing and patient education. In 1992 he co-founded Imagitas with his wife Ginger Salazar and was Chairman and CEO from its founding to successful sale to Pitney Bowes in 2005. Imagitas created public private partnerships with federal and state governments, along with many Fortune 500 companies. The Carlyle Group and Bain Capital were minority investors. After the sale, Brett spent a decade in philanthropy, board service, and investing. Brett’s son had severe health issues in high school, and proper nutrition was critical in his healing. Brett learned about the power of food to heal and invested in Kate Farms in 2014, became Chairman and later CEO. Brett has built a strong culture and team, focusing on bringing a higher standard of nutrition into health care so that people can live their best life.

I believe in the power of nutrition to heal. We have an opportunity to provide a higher standard of nutrition to people who need it the most. I am inspired by our patients and care givers. I am grateful for our team who bring their hearts, talents and commitment to help people live their best lives.

A smiling woman in blue dress with pearl earrings and pearl necklace
Carol A. Ammon

Carol A. Ammon is the founder and retired chief executive officer and chairman of Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company with market leadership in pain management. Ms. Ammon retired in May 2005 after serving as CEO since the company’s founding in 1997. Prior to Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ms. Ammon served as president of the Generic Pharmaceutical business unit, and president of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Division of DuPont Merck, the joint venture of DuPont and Merck.

Those who take time to make a difference in people’s lives are special. They are the ones I admire and wish to be around.

Celeste A. Clark, Ph.D

Dr. Celeste A. Clark is a retired senior executive of Kellogg Company where she was a member of the Global Executive Management Team. Dr. Clark was responsible for Kellogg’s Global Nutrition Team and served as senior vice president of Global Public Policy and External Relations, as well as president, Kellogg Corporate Citizenship Fund, the company’s philanthropic entity. In 2018, Dr. Clark was appointed to the Wells Fargo Board of Directors.

Kate Farms put the heart and science in ‘good things for life.’”

jeffrey d jacobs
Jeffrey D. Jacobs

Jeffrey D. Jacobs is best known as the architect behind the growth and development of one of the most powerful and valuable brand names in the world – Oprah/Harpo. From 1984 to 2002, Jeff partnered with Oprah Winfrey to build a global multi-media empire around Oprah-branded entertainment and content.

As an adjunct Professor of Entertainment Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Jacobs has taught and lectured on the media and intellectual property. He previously served on the boards of The Santa Barbara Children’s Museum Board,, television station group Granite Broadcasting, and is a former trustee of the University of Chicago Medical Center.

“I am invested in Kate Farms because of our mission to make a difference in people’s lives. Our people, products and results, are inspiring and rewarding. I’m proud.”

Richard Laver
Co-Founder, Kate’s dad

I think about and treasure Kate Farms because I know what it means to people we are helping. I know what it did for Kate’s life and our entire family eco system. By saving Kate we saved the whole family. I hope we can help reach many many more Kates.

Peter M. “Pete” Nicholas

Peter M.”Pete” Nicholas is co-founder and chairman of the board of Boston Scientific Corporation. He served as chairman and chief executive officer from the company’s founding in 1979 until 1999, when he turned over CEO responsibilities. Under Nicholas’ vision and leadership, Boston Scientific has grown from a start-up company with 38 employees to a global corporation with approximately 23,000 employees and revenue of $7.380 billion in 2014.

Rarely in life does an opportunity arise to associate with a company that through its mission, products, people, values, and behaviors is truly committed to improving the lives of people in need every single day.
That is my definition of Kate Farms, and that is why I am honored to be a member of the Kate Farms Team.
Go Kate Farms.

Robert “Bob” Zollars

Robert “Bob” Zollars has led over eleven companies as CEO or President ranging in size from $100M to over $5B in annual revenue, has taken two companies public as CEO and been a board member in three other private to public transactions. Bob has served as chairman of Diamond Foods; led Dietary Products, a provider of nutritional and food service products to health systems, with over $1B in revenue; and the IV Therapy business of Baxter International, the leading provider of parenteral solutions to health systems and hospitals.

I love my time with Kate Farms. There has never been a more deserving set of patients who have had to deal with such sub-par nutrition. No more! We owe it to each and every one of these special Friends of Kate to do our very best every day. All Good Things ♥