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Profile Stories

Charlotte Marra: The Courageous Baby B

Born with a potentially fatal heart defect, this one-year-old looked fate in the face and said no thanks.

Michelle Sorensen: “I’ve Made It Through 100 Percent of My Bad Days”

A rare disease has stolen Mickey Sorensen’s strength and independence, but not her purpose. Here’s how she finds joy amid all the hardship.

Molly Yeselson: The Perpetual Freshman

A chronic illness is keeping her away from her college and her friends, but patience could bring the cure she’s been waiting for.

NaKeysha King: Flawless

With her poise and platform, she’s helping others embrace life with a feeding tube.

Theresa Boykevisch: Battling the Bully in Her Brain

Anorexia landed this young gymnast in the hospital, where complications nearly took her life. That’s when she decided to try something radical.

Colby Crisler: The Voice of Cystic Fibrosis

Her powerful and majestic voice—now emanating from new lungs—is lifting the spirits of an entire community.

Catherine Jackson: Queen of Swing

She’d beaten cancer once before, so when it returned, she knew exactly what to do: Dance.

Macy Stahl: The Accidental Influencer

This young dancer was keeping a secret from her thousands of fans. How would they react to the truth?

Tube feeding patients who are best friends

How the Tubesties Found Each Other—and Hope

For 18 years, Nicole Sams and Mary Morgan battled painful and mysterious health issues alone. But then a #hashtag changed everything.

Cancer survivor backpacking near river

Steve Chadwell: How to Find Your Hope

Horrible luck has robbed Steve Chadwell of his livelihood and health, but the last thing on his mind is what he’s lost.