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eGift Card FAQs

Answers to our most frequently eGift Card questions are just one click away!

eGift Cards

How will I receive my eGift card?

You will receive the standard order confirmation email with your order number and a separate Katefarms.com eGift card confirmation email (Subject: “Your eGift card is ready”) for each eGift card that is purchased that will confirm the available balance.

How do I check the balance on my eGift card?

There are two ways to check you Katefarms.com eGift card balance:

1. Refer to your eGift card order confirmation email (Subject: “Your eGift card is ready”) and click on the “view eGift card balance” button to view the balance.

2. Contact our Customer Care team directly to check the balance of the eGift card. To contact us, please click here and we will be in touch to assist.

How do I purchase an eGift card for a family member or friend?

You would simply purchase the gift card as normal and then forward the katefarms.com eGift card confirmation email to the desired email address. Please save the original email for reference, if needed.

Will my eGift card expire?

No, the gift card will never expire and can be used if it has a balance.

Can I use an eGift card on subscription products?

No, unfortunately eGift cards are not an acceptable form of payment for subscription products at this time. Please check in the future for any updates.

Can I use my eGift card on Amazon?

No, unfortunately eGift cards are only accepted at katefarms.com.