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Hospital Ordering Options

Kate Farms is available for inpatient use during hospital stays at institutions nationwide. 

Questions to ask your healthcare provider

If you are planning to use Kate Farms during a hospital stay, or are in the hospital now, you’ll want to ask a few key questions.

Does the hospital carry Kate Farms?

If they do, simply ask for it to be provided to you! 

Many hospitals have a variety of formula options for patients. Even if you aren’t offered Kate Farms at first, it may be available upon request.

If they don’t carry Kate Farms, would they allow you to bring it in?

Some hospitals are restricted to the brands of products they can provide to patients. 

If Kate Farms isn’t part of their current offering, they may allow you to bring your own supply for your stay. If this is the case, we recommend ordering formula to your home and bringing it with you, rather than shipping directly to the hospital to ensure it reaches you in time. 

You can place an order anytime at shop.katefarms.com.

What if they don’t yet carry Kate Farms or allow me to bring in my own formula? 

Let us know! Some hospitals allow clinicians to request brands outside of the hospital’s current offering to be provided to patients with distinct dietary needs. 

We’d be happy to contact your healthcare team to educate them about Kate Farms, and send them free samples for you to use when in the hospital. 

Can I go home from the hospital on Kate Farms?

Whether you are able to use Kate Farms during your hospital stay or not, you should be able to request it upon discharge for use at home. 

To qualify for insurance coverage at home, your doctor will need to prescribe Kate Farms for you, and your prescription will need to be sent to a medical supply company. 

Ask your discharge team about your options for going home on Kate Farms, and check out our Kate Farms at Home resources for more information about home medical supply companies.

Contact a Patient Advocate

Free, personal support to help you talk to your doctor, home medical supplier, or insurance provider, or for more information on getting started with Kate Farms.