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Skilled Nursing Facility Ordering Options

Kate Farms is a wonderful option for individuals residing in assisted living, nursing facilities, boarding homes, or any other residence where food is included in the daily rate. 

Most facilities have a preferred brand of formula they provide to residents, and there are often several levels of approval that will need to be achieved internally in order for them to offer a different brand, like Kate Farms. 

Work with your facility

If you are interested in insurance coverage for Kate Farms while living at the facility, it will likely need to be provided by the facility itself as they are the ones billing insurance. 

If you would like for the facility to carry Kate Farms, we recommend contacting them directly and asking to speak with the healthcare provider who makes decisions on which formula options will be provided to patients. The process for adding a new formula option may be cumbersome, but will likely start with their recommendation. 

Purchase online

Some facilities allow for residents to bring in their own food supplies. If this is the case with your facility, you can purchase Kate Farms anytime from our website. We can ship to the caregiver, or directly to the facility itself.

Contact a Patient Advocate

Free, personal support to help you talk to your doctor, home medical supplier, or insurance provider, or for more information on getting started with Kate Farms.