Insurance & Coverage

How to find out if you’re covered:

1. Ask your doctor to prescribe Kate Farms.
To keep things simple, we’ve created a Physician’s Written Order form (or PWO) with all the information your doctor needs to include in a prescription, including your diagnosis, your insurance info, and the amount of Kate Farms formula you need each day. You, or your healthcare provider can download that form here.

 Download PWO


2. Have the prescription faxed to a DME
A DME is a medical supply company that bills insurance directly and can ship formula and other necessary supplies (think tubes, syringes) right to your doorstep. They have agreements with insurers to provide service to specific geographic areas, so you need to find a DME that can serve you. Find a DME by clicking the button below, or let us help you find one that can serve you by having the PWO faxed right to us at 805-832-6119.

Find a DME


3. DME bills insurance and ships Kate Farms right to you!
All our medical formulas are coded to be covered by insurance, but coverage depends on your prescribed need for enteral nutrition and your insurance plan benefits. The DME will contact your insurer directly and determine if you are covered for Kate Farms. The insurer may ask for additional clinical notes from your doctor, and the DME will contact your doctor’s office to get the info the insurer needs. If you are covered, the DME will contact you to set up a monthly order of formula and other necessary supplies to be shipped right to your house. If you are not covered, you may choose to purchase Kate Farms from them at a cash-pay rate, or purchase at


All Kate Farms medical formulas are coded to be covered by insurance.

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