Weight Gain in Oncology Patients Using a Plant-Based Oral Nutrition Supplement1

Authors: Melissa Bailey, Vanessa Millovich, Shayna Komar

Research shows that 49-74% of oncology patients will experience unintentional weight loss at some point during their treatment2.  As research on the use of plant-based enteral formulas (PBEF) and their efficacy in oncology is limited, we looked at the use of PBEF in the adult oncology patient population, and its effect on weight.

Oncology patients consuming Kate Farms:

100% of oncology patients maintained or gained weight while on Kate Farms3.

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1. Bailey, M., Millovich, V., Komar, S. Weight gain in oncology patients using a plant-based oral nutrition supplement. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. 2020; 40:661.

2. Dufau L (2010) Prevalence of malnutrition in cancer patients. Diaeta 28, 31–36.

3. n=13. Due to Covid-19, only 9 patients were able to return for follow-up visits.