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Modular Formula Additives & Dilution

Modular Formula Additives

Kate Farms is actively testing various modular formula additives including, but not limited to, caloric additives, micronutrient additives, and other common formula additives.

Kate Farms formulas are compatible with the following food and beverage thickeners:

  • SimplyThick®
  • Thick-It®

Kate Farms formulas are compatible with the following modular formula additive: Duocal®

Additional modular formula additives may be added to the formulas at the guidance and discretion of the healthcare provider. Any specific information, questions, comments or concerns on compatibility of modular formula additives can be addressed upon request.

Formula Dilution

Dilution is not necessary in order to be administered via gravity or pump-assisted feedings. Kate Farms products can be diluted with water or broth as deemed necessary by the healthcare professional. Any water added to Kate Farms formula displaces 1 mL of formula per 1 mL of water. Recipes to dilute the formulas using water can be provided upon request.