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Our 2020 Tubie Gift Guide is Here

This holiday season we have the opportunity to support others who are designing products for tubies. We hope you’ll find inspiration in our gift guide too!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

At Kate Farms, we have always had a special place in our heart for entrepreneurs. Kate Farms was started by two parents on a mission to save their daughter Kate, who was born with failure to thrive. Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, Kate Farms formulas are helping countless others to thrive —just like Kate, who recently celebrated her 14th birthday!

This holiday season we have the opportunity to support others who are designing products for tubies. We are thankful to know each of these amazing entrepreneurs; inspired by their own or a loved one’s battle with chronic illness, they’ve developed products to make life with medical equipment a bit easier, more fashionable and empowering. We hope you’ll find inspiration in our gift guide too!

Warm wishes from everyone at Kate Farms!

FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant

Freeman Ellis Staley was born April 25, 2015. He spent three and a half months in the NICU before being discharged with a G-tube–bolus gravity feeds during the day and pump feeds at night. FreeArm Founders Misti and Will were overwhelmed with tube feeding their son and needed a helping hand, so they created one. The FreeArm clamps to surfaces like tables, cribs, strollers and more. And it works as a travel pump and feedbag holder, easily folding into your bag. 

You can purchase the FreeArm and the FreeArm Muscle here.


TigTagz ID wristbands were created by a mom of a tubie. They are perfect to use any time your child might get lost. Cute styles for boys and girls are fun to wear and virtually impossible for kids to remove. By putting a TigTagz ID wristband on your child, you are ensuring that your vital contact information will be with your child should you become separated. You can even add a medical alert! TigTagz ID wristbands are tear-proof, sweat-proof, smear-proof, and water-resistant. They are easily customized with a fine-tipped pen. You can add your phone number and even a medical alert. When put on correctly, the only way to remove the wristband is with scissors. Kids LOVE wearing TigTagz wristbands and you can have peace of mind knowing that your child has such important information right on their precious little bodies! 

Check out their website here

C.C. Moo 

C.C. Moo is a stylish and discrete adaptive clothing line launched to the public in 2017 by Eileen Weum & Anna Olson, a mother/daughter team, after Anna’s son was diagnosed with the chromosome deletion 22q11.2 at 3-days old, requiring a feeding tube. Wanting to make a difference for other tubie families, C.C. Moo’s focus is providing dignity, ease, and convenience to families with children of all ages who have feeding tubes, central lines, PICC lines, or other torso medical conditions. The custom-made clothing offers several styles of onesies, t-shirts, and dresses in sizes 3 months to 12 years, with multiple fabric choices and hidden access openings to choose from. 

“Stylish & discrete adaptive clothing, changing the quality of children’s lives one ZIP and SNAP at a time.”

Please visit us here

Little Birch 

Little Birch is a company created for children with gastrostomy feeding tubes. This adaptive clothing line allows for G-tubes to be covered and protected while also giving the extension tubing an outlet through an opening in the shirt. In honor of a little boy named Arlo Birch, his mother wanted to find a solution for his clothing while in the NICU. There are several designs to choose from, including stripes, geometric patterns, and even a pattern with the uplifting message, “It’s Going TUBIE okay.” What a great reminder for families facing medical challenges. Visit our website to shop and get tips for feeding tubes at: 

Check out their website here or follow along on Instagram at @littlebirchshop

Milton & Maisie

Milton & Maisie grew from a Mom’s love for her tubie boy and his need for special care. Together, they created cute, comfy, and functional tubie pads for individuals of all ages and tube types. They are a washable, reusable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable split gauze. Milton & Maisie continue to listen to its customers and add to their shop to meet the different needs that caregivers share. With a variety of tubie clips, port covers, and padded pouches, their goal is to enhance and improve the lives of individuals with special needs. At this time, they sell exclusively through their Etsy shop. All items are in stock and ready to ship the same or next day.

Please visit us here

Kids Hope Chest

Kids Hope Chest provides gift items to help improve children’s hospital experience. Kids Hope Chest was created by parents whose son required several years of hospital stays and doctor appointments.  

Their motto is to brighten your child’s hospital experience with Kids Hope Chest. They hope to bring a smile to you and your child’s day! 

Visit their website here

Tubelicious G Tube Pads

Tubelicious G-tube Pads is a home-based business that was inspired by the founders son, Raiden. Raiden was born with multiple health issues and needed a G-tube. Once he started school, Raiden had lots of bleeding around his stoma, which is why they started making G-tube pads. Although Raiden’s parents can’t change that he has a feeding tube, they can change how they embrace it. Raiden has taught them to live it to the fullest. They do this by giving back to other children and adults alike who have a G/J-tube.

Their mission is to make every belly adorable by creating fun, functional, and fashionable G/J-tube pads. All of their products help to reduce granulated tissue, skin irritation, and the movement of the gastrostomy feeding tube. Each Tubelicious G Tube Pad is triple-layered with fleece, flannel, and cotton, for comfort, absorbency, and are secured with a Kam snaps. They have worked hard to create these pads and hope their customers enjoy them!  

Visit their website here


Wallypop was born when founder Sarah was pregnant with her first child, but the focus of the business changed drastically with the birth of her third child. Though she still makes many of her original cloth diapering products, the emphasis has shifted to feeding tube accessories and other medical and special needs products. Her focus is on making things that bring a positive change to the lives of her customers.

All of Sarah’s products were developed for her own use with her son, friends, or friends’ kids! Now her products are widely available to everyone and can be purchased online. Best selling items include the feature-packed insulated feeding pump bag covers and insulated syringe totes for 60ml syringes. Oral eaters get lunch bags, why shouldn’t tube feeders?

Please visit us here


TubieContinued is an Etsy-based company focused on creating stylish yet functional tubie pads. Currently, they are the only company creating tubie pads with specialty fabrics such as lace and velvet with port covers featuring embroidery patterns.  

Founder Lillian DeJean has been a proud tubie for nine years, and tubie pads allow her to be confident in her tube. And that is exactly why TubieContinued’s was started— to make quality products that help other tubies experience the same pride and body positivity. 

Check out TubieContinued here

Medi Teddy

Have you met Medi Teddy? Medi Teddys hide the sight of tube feeding liquid or IV fluids which helps to normalize medical care, provide privacy, and reduce anxiety.  94% of users report an improvement in emotional well-being while using a Medi Teddy!  

The original Medi Teddy, “Bailey” edition, is made from plush material, and is machine washable.  The newest addition to the team is the “Hope” edition, a plastic, reusable Medi Teddy that can “live” at the hospital, helping many children over time. “Hope” can be cleaned between uses with bleach wipes or hospital grade cleaners. 

Click here to purchase a Medi Teddy for your favorite child, nurse, or child life specialist or here to learn about our 501(c)3 Non-Profit, which gives Medi Teddys away to children in need all over the world. 

Down the Hatch Patch

The Down the Hatch Patch keeps germs and curious hands away from the G-tube while providing privacy and easy access. It was hatched when founder Maggie English’s daughter was given a G-tube shortly after her birth, and this year the Oley Foundation awarded it its Innovator/Advocator award! Ingenious By Design has created a low-profile G-tube friendly iron-on patch that is both functional and cute. 

Check out their website here.

Mighty Well

The Mighty Well mission is to bring confidence and comfort to those coping with a health setback. They achieve this through a supportive community, helpful content, and thoughtfully-crafted products. Designed by patients, for patients, these medical accessories and apparel are both functional and fashionable. 

The Mighty Pack is a perfect gift for our tube-fed Friends in the Fight. Designed specifically for people who need to carry medical supplies with them on the go, it keeps you organized while continuing to look chic! Its detail-oriented design includes features like side zippers for hooking up to access-sites while keeping the backpack closed and discrete, and two separate compartments to keep your medical and personal items separate and secure. 

For staying safe during COVID-19, Mighty Well has also created the Mighty Well Mask! As always, this product was created with patients in mind, with antimicrobial fabric and breathable sensory-friendly materials.  

Get your own Mighty Well products here

Resilience Medical Supplies 

Resilience Medical is a healthcare supply company formed by a multi-organ transplant recipient and her personal experience with medical products. These products were designed specifically for people with chronic illnesses, but now also appeal to the public who need personal protective equipment. Resilience Medical Products now include Infusion/ Tube Feed Backpacks, Hospital Gowns, Reusable Masks, Medical Organization Bags, Diabetic or Medical insulated coolers for meds that need to be kept cold, surgical caps, and printed disposable masks. These chic and high-quality products are changing lives, empowering and making people’s lives better and normalizing customers’ lives one product at a time.

Visit their website here

Crafting For A Cure

Crafting For A Cure Co. creates handmade feeding tube accessories, specializing in tubie clips and feeding tube port connection covers. Each accessory is made with love from one tubie to another! Due to gastroparesis, shop owner Carolanne became feeding tube dependent and is the proud owner of a G-J tube. To make something dreary and depressing something fun and fashionable, she began to make her own feeding tube accessories.

When other tubies expressed interest in Carolanne’s creations, Crafting For A Cure Co. was born. The tubie clips are useful not only for those with feeding tubes but for people who have central lines, oxygen tubing, and other devices with cords and lines that tangle! For every accessory that is a sold, a portion of the sale goes directly to the Newbie Tubie Project, which sends care packages to children and adults who are getting feeding tubes for the first time. The mission of Crafting For A Cure Co. is to brighten someone’s day with each order.

Check out their shop here.

Brave Soul Blankets 

Brave Soul Blankets was founded in 2017 by Melaney Niemiec, a young woman with cystic fibrosis and Gastroparesis determined to spread joy to those going through similar battles. As Brave Soul Blankets grew, a wide variety of products have been made available through their Etsy Shop where every purchase funds the mission to deliver cozy blankets to those in need. Brave Soul Blankets has something for everyone on your holiday list! 

Shopping for a Tubie or want to spoil yourself? Check out the absorptive Hug-A-Button Tubie Pads, supportive Tubie Clips, one-of-a-kind Drainage Bag Covers, and Tubing Connection Port Covers. Everyone can use a blanket! In the shop you will find wide variety of Fleece Blankets, including their NEW Ultra Plush that will take your love of blankets to the next level. 

If you want to support Brave Soul Blankets but don’t currently have a need for their products, set your Amazon Smile to Brave Soul Incorporated.  Adopt-a-Brave-Soul through their website to help “Change the World, One Blanket at a Time.”

Check out their website here