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Our First Tubie Gift Guide is Here

This holiday season we have the opportunity to support others who are designing products for tubies. We hope you’ll find inspiration in our gift guide too!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

At Kate Farms, we have always had a special place in our heart for entrepreneurs. Kate Farms was started by two parents on a mission to save their daughter Kate, who was born with failure to thrive. Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, Kate Farms formulas are helping countless others to thrive —just like Kate, who recently celebrated her 13th birthday!

This holiday season we have the opportunity to support others who are designing products for tubies. We are thankful to know each of these amazing entrepreneurs; inspired by their own or a loved one’s battle with chronic illness, they’ve developed products to make life with medical equipment a bit easier, more fashionable and empowering. We hope you’ll find inspiration in our gift guide too!

Warm wishes from everyone at Kate Farms!

Brave Soul Blankets

Brave Soul Blankets was founded in 2017 by Melaney Niemiec, a young woman with cystic fibrosis and gastroparesis, with a goal of spreading joy to those going through similar battles. Starting with fleece blankets, Brave Soul quickly added more products including Tube ClipsHug-A-Button™ Tubie PadsTubing Connection Port Covers, and Drainage Bag Covers. Each purchase through its Etsy Shop funds the non-profit to deliver blankets, love and support to Brave Souls going through difficult journeys.  If you want to support Brave Soul Blankets but don’t currently have a need for their products, you can set your Amazon Smile to “Brave Soul Incorporated” and sponsor a blanket.

Check out their website here!

Chronically Fit

Chronically Fit is a fashion forward medical supply company working to close the gap between fashion and medicine. Founder Diana Donnarumma underwent a multiorgan transplant that saved her life, but was unsatisfied with standard medical products available through home health care agencies. Now she’s on a mission to serve people with chronic illness by giving them choice and confidence. The sleek designs and ease of their backpacks will leave people surprised that you are infusing. Medical supply bags can be placed in the backpacks, so you have everything you need when you go to visit family or travel. Medical masks are a must for travel and flu season, especially if you are flying so check out the beautiful designs with 99% BFE filtration that are also extremely soft and breathable.

Visit the website here!

Crafting for a Cure

Crafting For A Cure Co. creates handmade feeding tube accessories, specializing in tubie clips and feeding tube port connection covers. Each accessory is made with love from one tubie to another! Due to gastroparesis, the shop owner Carolanne became feeding tube dependent and is the proud owner of a G-J tube. To make something dreary and depressing something fun and fashionable, she began to making her own feeding tube accessories.

When other tubies expressed interest in Carolanne’s creations, Crafting For A Cure Co. was born. The tubie clips are useful not only for those with feeding tubes but for people who have central lines, oxygen tubing, and other devices with cords and lines that tangle! For every accessory that is a sold, a portion of the sale goes directly to the Newbie Tubie Project, which sends care packages to children and adults who are getting feeding tubes for the first time. The mission of Crafting For A Cure Co. is to brighten someone’s day with each order.

Check out the shop here.

Down the Hatch Patch

Ingenious By Design has created a low-profile G-tube friendly iron-on patch that is both functional and cute. The Down the Hatch Patch keeps germs and curious hands away from the G-tube while providing privacy and easy access. It was hatched when founder Maggie English’s daughter was given a G-tube shortly after her birth, and this year the Oley Foundation awarded it its Innovator/Advocator award!

Check out their website here.

Free Arm Tube Feeding Assistant

Freeman Ellis Staley was born April 25, 2015. He spent three and a half months in the NICU before being discharged with a G-tube–bolus gravity feeds during the day and pump feeds at night. FreeArm Founders Misti and Will were overwhelmed with tube feeding their son and needed a helping hand, so they created one. The FreeArm clamps to surfaces like tables, cribs, strollers and more. And it works as a travel pump and feedbag holder, easily folding into your bag. 

You can purchase the FreeArm and the FreeArm Muscle at Enter KATEFARMS20 at checkout for 20% off.

Medi Teddy

Have you met Medi Teddy? Medi Teddy was invented by a 13-year old girl who receives regular IV infusions. It’s a stuffed animal sleeve that has a very big job to do! Medi Teddy slips over bags of medicine, TPN, or other fluid bags up to two liters in size, and conceals them from sight of the child receiving the infusion. This can help reduce anxiety and stress while in a hospital setting, or provide privacy for infusions-on-the-go. From the back of the Medi Teddy, the see-through mesh sleeve allows a doctor, nurse, or parent to monitor the fluids.

Click here to purchase a Medi Teddy or here to learn about the 501(c)3 Non Profit, which gives Medi Teddys away to children in need.

Mighty Well

The Mighty Well team is on a mission to give hope and strength to those coping with a health setback. The line of fashionable and functional medical accessories and apparel transform patient experiences, giving everyone access to a more comfortable, fashionable, and dignified life. The Mighty Pack is a perfect gift for our tube-fed Friends in the Fight. It was designed specifically for people who need to carry medical supplies with them on the go, but who still want to look chic. WIth the Mighty Pack, nobody needs to know that you are carrying or wearing your essential medical devices and supplies.

Get your own Might Well accessory here.

We will continue to add products to the gift guide throughout the year. If you know of a product we should include, please let us know!