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The Kate Farms Nutrition Community is a program designed for active nutrition professionals to access tools and resources needed to recommend Kate Farms and help their patients thrive.

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Order Kate Farms formula samples and patient
literature directly to your office, delivered in 2 business days.

On-Demand CEU access

Nurture your own knowledge with continuing
education units, expert contributions, and the
latest nutrition and healthcare information.

Product literature to support recommendations

Make the most of your appointments with
engaging patient education materials, recipes,
coloring books, and more!

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The Kate Farms Nutrition Community is open to licensed registered dietitians currently affiliated with a healthcare organization.

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Why Kate Farms?

Kate Farms is the #1 recommended plant-based formula*

Complete nutrition
Our formulas are tailored to individual needs, from oncology to GI intolerance and nonmedical support.

Designed for ease of digestion
with pea protein and no common allergens, artificial sweeteners, flavors, additives, or colors.

Clinically proven
to improve tolerance, weight gain, and adherence.

See the research →
*Independent data report on plant-based formula distributor volume in home care, acute care, and long-term care. Applies to all Kate Farms formulas.

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