How do you live your best life with a feeding tube?

February isn’t just about pink and red hearts.

It’s about love. This is a time to feel the love, embrace the challenges, and be thankful for all the possibilities tube feeding gives people to live their best lives and be all they’re capable of! Help Kate Farms spread awareness, positivity, and encouragement for our community. Share your story of how you live your best life with a feeding tube! We’ll be featuring a selection of submissions on Kate Farms Instagram and Facebook.

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Oley Foundation Awards

Your story can become a submission for the Oley awards! This year Kate Farms is a proud sponsor of The Oley Foundation Child of the Year award. This award is presented annually to a child age 18 or younger, who has been tube fed for at least one year. The nominees exemplify resilience living with their condition(s) and their positive attitude encourages and inspires others.


If you or someone you know would be a great nominee for one of the Oley awards listed below we would love to hear your story!
The five award categories are: Innovator/Advocator Award, LifelineLetter Award HEN, LifelineLetter Award HPN, Child of the Year Award, and Celebration of Life Award.

Awards will be presented at the annual conference, held in June. The winners will receive a $750 travel grant to attend the meeting and will be spotlighted in Oley’s newsletter. Recognition is given to all nominees.

Share your story with us!

All submissions due 02/28/2019.

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