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Become a Kate Farms Partner

We know that to live your best life there’s nothing more important than your health, which starts with quality nutrition. Empower your friends, followers and loved ones to live their best lives by joining our mission through the Kate Farms Partner Program. Ready to get started?

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If you are a healthcare provider interested in partnering, check out our Nutrition Community.

How the program works 

Share All Good Things® and earn money back! Our partner program is designed to help everyone get the nutrition they deserve. By joining, you will have access to referral links (also known as “affiliate links”) that can be posted on your website, social pages and/or newsletter. Commission is earned for every Kate Farms order and email sign-up that is referred through your links. (Healthcare providers are not eligible to join this program, please see Kate Farms Nutrition Community.)

How you benefit 

  • Positively impact your community by sharing the benefits healthy nutrition can have on all of our lives
  • Grow income through commissions by sharing what you love about our organic, plant-based shakes and formulas
  • Become eligible for paid optimization initiatives and product samples
  • Stay updated on news and events through monthly program newsletters
  • Get support from a dedicated program manager who can help you get started and answer questions  

Kate Farms means I have a reliable source of nutrition. It gives me the energy to live an active livestyle despite extreme dietary limitations.

Jasmine, 2018

What’s best about [Kate Farms] is it’s plant-based and has all the good ingredients, so I feel safe consuming it. Thank you for being a part of my journey to healing! Together, we are WINNING this!

Jaymee, 2020

Did you know? 

  • Kate Farms is the #1 Recommended plant-based formula1 and is now USDA organic
  • All products are made without dairy, soy, gluten, or corn
  • Kids shakes are boosted with nutrients for growing kids ages 1-13 years

1 GHX. Plant-based formula volume in home care, acute care, and long-term care.

How to get started 

It’s simple! Just submit an online application to join our program through the Impact network. Our team will review and let you know if you’re a good fit. Following approval, you will have access to everything needed to get started through your account dashboard.

Not sure if you qualify, or need help? Send us an email!