The Higher Standard.

Our unique formulations raise the standard of quality nutrition for those with a range of dietary and medical needs. Always plant-based and organic ingredients without the most common allergens or additives. Widely loved because of increased tolerance, improved outcomes, and a delicious taste.

The Next Generation of All Good Things

Introducing Pediatric Formulas for Children Ages 1–13 Years.

Ingredients matter.

It’s not just the numbers in nutrition panels that matter, but the formulation and ingredients that provide them. Instead of empty calories from artificial flavors and sweeteners, our formulas use powerful nutrients without allergens, like plant-based protein, corn-free carbohydrates, and functional fats. It’s nourishment designed to deliver outcomes that matter.

Unique Formulation Superior Taste Organic Ingredients No Whey No Whey No Lactose No Lactose No Gluten No Gluten No Corn No Corn No Nuts No Nuts No Soy No Soy



Improved Outcomes with Kate Farms Formula


Describe positive outcomes in patients

  • Decreased GI symptoms of intolerance
  • Improved weight or linear growth
  • Improved nutritional status


Of HCPs would likely recommend Kate Farms

  • 73% extremely or very likely
  • 27% somewhat likely
  • 0% not very likely or not at all
* National survey of healthcare professionals who have prescribed Kate Farms Peptide 1.5 conducted April 2018. N=92.

Our Mission:

To Make Nutrition the Cornerstone of Healthcare.

We believe in the power of natural ingredients and thoughtful formulations to help our bodies heal and thrive. We are driven to empower people with the best possible nutrition because when we are healthy, possibilities open up and we can live our best lives.