How to get Kate Farms by prescription

If you will be using Kate Farms medical nutrition for a diagnosed condition, your doctor can write a prescription and send it to a home medical supplier to fill. If you qualify for insurance coverage, the home medical supplier will bill your insurance directly. Your role in getting started is important – the more involved you are in advocating for yourself, the smoother the process will be.

Steps to getting covered

Depending on your medical needs, most Kate Farms formulas are covered by insurance.

Step 1: Ask your doctor for a prescription

Need help starting the conversation? Check out our handy Talking to your Doctor guide. If your doctor does not commonly prescribe formula, bring them this prescription form template.

Step 2: Your doctor will send your prescription to their preferred home medical supplier

Home medical suppliers must be in network with your insurance provider so you can take full advantage of your benefits. Learn more about home medical supply companies here

If your doctor’s office does not have a preferred home medical supplier and you aren’t sure where to send your prescription, we are here to help! Contact us and we’ll determine the best options for you. 

Step 3: The home medical supplier verifies your insurance coverage and ships formula to you monthly

The home medical supplier will review your prescription, contact your insurance company to verify your benefits, and then reach out to you to discuss your coverage and set up monthly shipments to your home. If you require other supplies, you may be able to use the home medical supplier for consolidated shipments of everything you need. 

Helpful Tip: Contact your DME

We recommend calling the home medical supplier where your doctor’s office sent your prescription 1-2 days after it has been sent. Following up will ensure they have everything they need!

Need formula while you wait?

There’s no need to wait for the home medical supplier to process your prescription to get started on Kate Farms! You can buy formula online anytime or ask your doctor to order you samples today.  

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picking up samples of product from front door picking up samples of product from front door

Special Situations

Here are some special situations that require different steps to get started.

Need more help?

Our Patient Advocacy team provides free, personal support.

Contact us for more information on getting started with Kate Farms, or with questions about talking to your healthcare provider, home medical supplier, or insurance provider.

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