We Don't Accept The Status Quo

And neither should you! Now the #1 recommended plant-based brand, Kate Farms was a pioneer in bringing USDA organic plant-based nutrition to healthcare. Our commitment to rejecting the status quo has created products that save lives. We approach life at Kate Farms the same way.

Hear from our CEO

"It is the honor of my life to lead Kate Farms. No matter the challenges or victories in any single day, every Kate Farmer can close their laptop at the end of the day knowing that we changed someone’s life for the better. There’s nothing more fulfilling than that, and it makes us all excited to see what tomorrow will bring."

— Brett Matthews, CEO

Our Values Are Our Compass

At Kate Farms, we put heart into everything we do. Our core values function as pillars to keep us on track. Like our products, our teams are also made with love and care.

People with heart

We see people as people. We bring humanity to everything we do.


We actively work to cultivate an environment that is honest and open.

Find a way

We are all responsible for seeing possibilities and figuring out how to do it.

Best now

We put our best foot forward, and we step. All the while, striving for continual improvement.

Results matter

We have lofty ambitions. To meet them, we set the right goals and honestly evaluate how we’re doing.

Your Future Looks Bright

Life’s too short not to have control over your own destiny. See all that Kate Farms has to offer, explore our open opportunities, and learn more about our teams. Your future might be a click away.

Open Positions

Work How It Works for You

Here at Kate Farms, we’ve learned that work doesn’t fit into a cubicle, life doesn’t follow a 9 to 5 model, and vacations are worth taking. So, we’ve built tools and resources to help our employees work their way. Wherever, however, or whenever that works for them.

12+ Weeks of Parental Leave

Remote and Flexible Work

Annual Education Stipend of $3,000

Refresh Weeks (2x year)

Generous Paid Time Off (15+ Days)

Meet Mike!

"On paternity leave at my previous company, I continuously had to answer phone calls and emails. It felt as though I was on-call rather than on paternity leave and it negatively impacted my ability to bond with my family. At Kate Farms I only received one phone call during my time off … My manager called to say congratulations and ensure I had all the support needed to turn off work devices for the next 90 days."

— Mike Murphy, National Account Manager, Sales Distribution

Meet Erin!

"Refresh weeks are important to me because as much as I love working for Kate Farms, I love NOT WORKING too! Last year I took a trip with my fiancée to Italy and played on some Dolomites and ate some pizza! I came back fired up to share my stories with my colleagues and with a fresh perspective on projects."

— Erin Lamb, Senior Scientist, Nutrition Science & Research

Meet Kyler!

"I came to Kate Farms to support a mission that truly helps patients everyday. I stay for the people and invaluable career development. This is a one-of-a-kind company that I am so thankful to be a part of! I couldn't see myself anywhere else."

— Kyler Williams, Sales Director

Going Beyond Fruits and Veggies

Prioritizing health and wellbeing are more than just eating your fruits and vegetables. Don’t get us wrong, we know about the power of plants! Explore the Kate Farms health and wellbeing programs built for you.

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All Good Things start here.

Find out what real-life employees have to say about their experiences being a Kate Farmer and what their work means to them.

Meet Joan!

"As a Territory Manager and patient advocate, I’m grateful to work for a company that truly believes in improving patient outcomes through quality nutrition. What I love most about my job is hearing patients say that what we do matters! My colleagues share the same passion for patient care as I do, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our patients receive quality nutrition and support."

— Joan Jokela, Senior Territory Manager

Meet Sarah!

"During last year's Pride Month, Kate Farms hosted a Lunch & Learn: How To Be An Ally To Your LGBTQ+ Neighbor, Colleague, Friend, and Family. The conversations we were able to have during this event are an excellent example of how Kate Farms truly believes in inclusivity and diversity, and in creating safe spaces for their employees to be exactly who they are."

— Sarah Chhum, Senior Operations Specialist