The Power of Nutrition for Your Child's Growth and Development

Nutrition is the foundation of health — that's why we created a guide to help you navigate your child's unique nutrition journey. You'll learn about diagnoses like malnutrition, growth faltering, and failure to thrive. We will share information about essential nutrients for your child's growth and development, and even tips for dealing with picky eaters.

Meet Bond!

The little boy who went from "Failure To Thrive" to "Thriving."

"Unable to eat or drink anything by mouth for the first 14 months of his life, and placed on a formula for his sole nutrition that was heavily corn syrup based—our son was unable to clear 15 pounds, and experienced severe reflux and projectile vomiting daily. It was a daily battle. After several months on this formula, not only was Bond not gaining weight, but we also noticed other alarming behaviors. We received some sample boxes of Kate Farms and Bond turned a corner..."

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Your Child’s Been Diagnosed with Failure to Thrive: What Next?

This article will help you understand the Failure to Thrive diagnosis, give you practical tips on talking to your doctor, and offer suggestions for next steps on your child's nutrition journey.

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3 Things to Do When You’re Worried about Your Child Not Gaining Weight

We know how scary it can be to feel concerned about your kiddos growth. A variety of factors can contribute to what a child eats, how much they eat, and how they grow. Read below for steps you can take to understand more.

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Getting Kate Farms by Prescription

Your child may be eligible to receive insurance coverage for Kate Farms products. They must have a prescription from their doctor. Here are some tips on how to get that process started.

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doctor with prescription bubble

Talk to your doctor to get a prescription.

 two cartons next to each other

Find out what formula is right for you.

prescription on a clipboard

Send your prescription to a supplier.

truck driving with products

Product is shipped to you.

Doctor Trusted

“I’ve had honestly nothing but great experiences and outcomes with Kate Farms. I find that it’s very easy to bring up with families as a potential organic, plant-based solution that is well-tolerated, and most families are more than willing to try it!”

- Paul Tran, M.D., Pediatric Gastroenterologist, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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What is Malnutrition?

If your little one has just been diagnosed as malnourished, you may be feeling scared about what exactly that means and what to do next. In this article, we’re going to discuss what malnutrition is, what several of the causes can be, and the next steps you can take on your child's nutrition journey.  

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Learn about our Sample Program! We want our high-quality nutrition in your patient's hands. You'll also receive continued education opportunities and additional resources to support clinicians in the healthcare community.


Browse through these unique and delicious ways to incorporate Kate Farms into your kiddo's daily nutrition.

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