Kate Farms Launches Chocolate Flavor of Pediatric Standard 1.2 Plant-Based Medical Nutrition Formula

Pediatric Standard 1.2 Chocolate is Made to Help Kids Maintain Healthy Weights and Thrive

Kate Farms, the market leader bringing plant-based nutrition into healthcare, today announced the launch of its newest shake flavor, Pediatric Standard 1.2 in chocolate. Launched in September 2018 as the brand’s first pediatric standard formula, Pediatric Standard 1.2 continues to provide the plant-based, organic nutrition that Kate Farms is known for, now in a delicious new flavor of chocolate. 

With the same original formula as Kate Farms Pediatric Standard 1.2 in vanilla, chocolate is made to support a wide range of medical and dietary needs for kids ages 1-13. The formula is suitable for everything from sole-source nutrition tube feeding to a nutritional boost for kids who are just a little underweight. 

“Based on requests from the healthcare community and parents, we developed a chocolate flavor of our popular Pediatric Standard 1.2 to ensure that our kids receive the nutrition they need to be healthy and strong while also enjoying the taste,” said Kate Farms Chief Medical Officer Dr. Cynthia Ambres. “Our new Pediatric Standard 1.2 chocolate flavor continues to offer the same high-quality nutrition that Kate Farms is known for while also catering to our pickiest eaters, our kids.” 

Kate Farms’ newest shake flavor will continue to meet the unique needs of patients and provide the benefit of high-quality ingredients. This latest offering joins Kate Farms’ robust portfolio of plant-based and clinically proven formulas that support a variety of needs. The formulas are available in 95 percent of all U.S. hospitals, providing a higher standard of nutrition for patients and healthcare professionals across the country.  

As with all Kate Farms pediatric formulas, Pediatric Standard 1.2 in chocolate is made to help kids maintain healthy weights and thrive. Made with plant-based, USDA organic, non-GMO ingredients and without common allergens or artificial sweeteners, this new flavor is suitable for lactose-free, vegan and gluten-free diets and can be used for either tube feeding or oral intake.  

This is the third formulation launched to date this year by Kate Farms, following the introduction of therapeutic nutrition formulas Glucose Support and Renal Support. “Our mission is to make nutrition the foundation of human wellbeing,” said Catherine Hayden, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President of Kate Farms. “To respond to the growing demand for plant-based nutrition in clinical and homecare settings while serving the broad population in need, we will continue to innovate and add to our product portfolio.”


Kate Farms was founded in 2012 by parents determined to save their daughter’s life after a diagnosis of failure to thrive and is the #1 recommended plant-based formula. Kate Farms offers medical formulas for children and adults, to be used as sole source or supplemental nutrition, for oral or tube feeding. They are available nationally and eligible for insurance coverage with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. Kate Farms formulas are made for tolerance with easily digested organic pea protein, fiber, and phytonutrients, and without common allergens or artificial sweeteners or flavors. Kate Farms can be accessed in more than 600 US hospitals, including the top children’s hospitals; availability is increasing daily. Visit www.katefarms.com.

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*Independent data report on plant-based formula distributor volume in home care, acute care, and long-term care. Applies to all Kate Farms formulas.

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