Blended for the Love of Tubies

Introducing complete nutrition crafted with the personal loving touch of home. Every resealable meal is made with the same love and attention you put into the meals you make at home.

What Makes Our Blended Meals Unique?

Connectable & Resealable

The resealable cap and direct-to-tube connection make mealtime more manageable, even on the go.

Made to Flow

Our blended meals provide high-quality nutrition that flows smoothly through feeding tubes with little to no manipulation.

Kid-Friendly Packaging

Our pouches feature fun designs to promote a positive mealtime experience.

Add Variety to Mealtime

Fight flavor fatigue! Choose between three flavors to add variety to mealtime.

Talk to Your Doctor About Getting Covered

If you are interested in insurance coverage for Kate Farms, you must have a prescription from your doctor. Here are some tips on how to get that process started.

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doctor with prescription bubble

Talk to your doctor to get a prescription.

 two cartons next to each other

Find out what formula is right for you.

prescription on a clipboard

Send your prescription to a supplier.

truck driving with products

Product is shipped to you.

Blended with Love and Care

Easy Digestion

Made without common allergens such as milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, or sesame.

Organic Whole Foods

We provide the best ingredients and nutrition possible by using real, whole foods and vitamins, minerals, and 9 grams of organic pea protein in every pouch.

Essential Nutrition

Our blends are made without added sugar*. Each meal is rich in Vitamin D and provides a good source of fiber.

Widely Accessible

Our blended meals are eligible for insurance coverage. Ask your child’s healthcare professional for samples, or purchase online.

Discover the convenience of our direct-to-tube connection.

Our Pediatric Blended Meals are compatible with common ENFit™ tube feeding devices, allowing high-quality nutrition to flow smoothly through feeding tubes with little to no manipulation.

Instructions on how to administer Kate Farms Pediatric Blended Meals with our direct-to-tube connection packaging.

Explore Our Flavors

Transform mealtime with a variety of fruit and veggie flavors!

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*Not a low-calorie food.  See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content.