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Profile Stories

Nicole Sams: “How I Stay Safe and Sane During COVID-19”

Coronavirus poses a serious threat to those who are immunocompromised. Here’s how one Kate Farms fan is turning it into an opportunity.

Hannah Jordan: Competitive Cyclist

She was just six years old when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease that requires her to use a G-tube. Now, at 18, she’s a winning cyclist who has competed in over 150 races.

Lylliahna Estrella: The Baby Who Defied Death

Her life began with short bowel and long odds. But with help from Kate Farms, she’s now a normal kid who eats differently.

McKenna Vladyka: Can’t Hold Her Back Anymore

This nine-year-old isn’t waiting for the world to notice her. She’s making it.

Brittany Detrick: “I Refuse to Be an Outcast”

For years, she felt like a lab rat. Now she’s making up for lost time.

Brooke Sanders: Hunting Her Daughter’s Diagnosis

Baby Korrie wasn’t growing, and doctors were stumped. Then a genetic test revealed a rare disorder—and the path forward.

Big Mike: The Speed Racer

Michael Stone’s diet was slowing him down. But because he’s nonverbal, there was no easy way to let his parents know.

Kieran Veitz: The Baby with the Broken Heart

The odds were long, but Brian and Caitlin Veitz learned a valuable lesson: Always bet on the world’s best doctors.

Jennifer Hill: "I Was Melting from the Inside Out"

A chance encounter with Kate Farms changed her mindset—and prognosis.

Dahkota Pinkerton: “I Used to Feel like a Ghost”

What seemed like a simple stomachache turned into a mystery that stumped doctors for six years.