Childhood Eating Difficulties

If you have a picky eater at home, or your child has trouble eating, you need something they will enjoy, and you know is good for them. Nourishing food makes for better days and can help meet development milestones.

Nutrition you can count on

Kate Farms plant-based formulas and shakes have the nutrition to help reach developmental milestones and nourish growing kids for their future.

All of our pediatric formulas have:

  • Vitamins and minerals: vitamin D to meet expert recommendations*; choline, inositol, and omega-3 for brain development.

  • We use organic agave syrup as the source of sweetener in our shakes and formulas. Kate Farms Pediatric Blended Meals contain no added sweeteners.* There are no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. 

  • Organic pea protein, functional fats, corn-free carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Not only do they taste great on their own, but Kate Farms Pediatric Standard 1.2, Pediatric Peptide 1.0, and Pediatric Peptide 1.5 are the perfect base for smoothies. Just add fruits, vegetables, or cocoa powder for a tasty, nutrition-packed meal or snack.

*Not a low-calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content.

Care in everything we make

We believe everyone can live their best life. That’s why our mission is to make nutrition the foundation of health so everyone can be all they’re capable of.

We formulate and source ingredients carefully to make the highest quality formulas that are easy to use, and more importantly, easy to digest. Our products are plant-based, without common allergens, and provide the benefits of a whole food diet – while tasting great. All of our medical formulas are suitable for tube feeding and eligible for insurance coverage. Our Customer Care team will happily help you with getting, using, or switching to Kate Farms.

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Organic, plant-based superior nutrition

Great tasting shakes & formulas made with carefully chosen ingredients, including organic pea protein and functional fats for better digestion. Our shakes, formulas, and blended meals are made without the top 9 common allergens – including milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, or sesame. No artificial flavors.

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* Saggese, G., Vierucci, F., Boot, A. M., Czech-Kowalska, J., Weber, G., Camargo, C. A., … & Holick, M. F. (2015). Vitamin D in childhood and adolescence: an expert position statement. European Journal of Pediatrics, 174(5), 565-576.