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Our 2021 Tubie Gift Guide is Here

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are continually inspired by our community and the shared dedication to helping people live their best…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We are continually inspired by our community and the shared dedication to helping people live their best lives. This holiday season, we are proud to announce our first fully digital Tubie Gift Guide to highlight some of the passionate creators and businesses who are innovating in the space. Inspired by their own, or a loved one’s, battle with chronic illness, they’ve designed unique products to support tubies. We hope you’ll use this guide to find the perfect gift to make life with medical equipment a bit easier, more fashionable, and empowering.

Warm wishes from everyone at Kate Farms! 

C.C. Moo

C.C. Moo is a stylish and discrete adaptive clothing line launched to the public in 2017 by Eileen Weum & Anna Olson, a mother/daughter team. The brand was created after Anna’s son was diagnosed with the chromosome deletion 22q11.2 at 3-days old, requiring a feeding tube. Wanting to make a difference for other tubie families, C.C. Moo’s focus is providing dignity, ease, and convenience to families with children of all ages who have feeding tubes, central lines, PICC lines, or other torso medical conditions. The custom-made clothing offers several styles of onesies, t-shirts, and dresses in sizes 3 months to 12 years, with multiple fabric choices and hidden access openings to choose from.

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Medi Teddy

Have you met Medi Teddy? Medi Teddys hide the sight of tube feeding liquid or IV fluids which helps to normalize medical care, provide privacy, and reduce anxiety. Ninety-four percent of users reported an improvement in emotional well-being while using a Medi Teddy!  

The original Medi Teddy, “Bailey” edition, is made from plush material and is machine washable. The newest addition to the team is the “Hope” edition, a plastic, reusable Medi Teddy that can “live” at the hospital, helping many children over time. “Hope” can be cleaned between uses with bleach wipes or hospital-grade cleaners. 

FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant

Misti and Will Staley were overwhelmed with tube feeding their son Freeman, so feeling as though they needed an extra hand, they created one: the FreeArm! The FreeArm Muscle clamps to flat surfaces and rounded bars while holding gravity syringe feeds, pump feeds and infusions at the hospital, home and on-the-go. The FreeArm is an FDA class one medical device and billable for insurance coverage. Request a FreeArm Muscle from your DME today or order directly from their website and save 20% with code KATEFARMS20 at checkout. The FreeArm honors Freeman’s brief life, spreading joy to tubies around the world! 

Milton and Maisie

Milton & Maisie grew from a mom’s love for her tube-fed son and his need for special care. They create soft, cute, comfy and functional tubie pads, clips, port covers, and clip-on pouches for Tubies of all ages. Their tubie pads are a washable, reusable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable split gauze. Their goal is to improve and enhance the lives of individuals with special needs. 

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Haley’s Buttons

Haley’s Buttons is a company made by a fellow tubie, Haley Stewart. Haley created this brand because she had a hard time finding a stylish yet comfortable tubie pad! Because Haley has sensitive skin, she makes sure her products have absorbent and soft backing. She also makes tubie clips that hold your tubing together so it won’t get caught on anything! One cool thing about buying from Haley is that she donates tubie pads and clips to her local children’s hospital!

Mighty Well

Mighty Well is a women-owned company founded by an immunocompromised patient. Mighty Well designs functional, fashionable apparel & gear that enables patients to maintain their confidence, dignity and mobility. Mighty Well is backed by The Morgan Stanley Multicultural Innovation Lab, The Cartier Women’s Initiative and MassChallenge. For more information, visit their website.

Adorabelly Design

Adorabelly Design is proud to serve the tube-fed community. Owned and operated by Julie and Laura (and their husbands), we strive to put some “fun” in the function of tube feeding. Our exceptional quality and top-of-the-line materials ensure long-lasting use. Designs are washable, reusable, and eliminate the need for gauze and tape. Each Adorabelly Design cover is triple layered for comfort, absorbency and is secured with a snap. Our mission is to make every belly adorable! Children and adults alike who have g-tube, j-tube, or other medical assistance deserve to feel special…because they are. 

Kids Hope Chest

Kids Hope Chest provides gift items to help improve hospital experiences for children. Kids Hope Chest was created by a team of parents whose son required several years of hospital stays and doctor appointments. Their goal is to brighten your child’s hospital experience with Kids Hope Chest. They hope to bring a smile to you and your child’s day!  

Crafting For A Cure Co.

Crafting For A Cure Co. creates handmade feeding tube accessories, specializing in tubie clips and feeding tube port connection covers. Each accessory is made with love from one tubie to another! Due to gastroparesis, shop owner Carolanne became feeding tube dependent and is the proud owner of a G-J tube. To turn something she felt was dreary and depressing into something fun and fashionable, she began to make her own feeding tube accessories. 

When other tubies expressed interest in Carolanne’s creations, Crafting For A Cure Co. was born. The tubie clips are useful not only for those with feeding tubes but for people who have central lines, oxygen tubing, and other devices with cords and lines that tangle! For every accessory that is sold, a portion of the sales go directly to the Newbie Tubie Project, which sends care packages to children and adults who are getting feeding tubes for the first time. The mission of Crafting For A Cure Co. is to brighten someone’s day with each order.  

Down the Hatch Patch

Down the Hatch Patch keeps germs and curious hands away from the G-tube while providing privacy and easy access. It was hatched when founder Maggie English’s daughter was given a G-tube shortly after her birth, and this year the Oley Foundation awarded it the Innovator/Advocator award! Ingenious By Design has created a low-profile, G-tube-friendly iron-on patch that is both functional and cute. 

The Charlotte Letter

 The Charlotte Letter Clothing Company creates fashionable adaptive clothing for a community of kids who so desperately need them. Founders Kameron & Stephanie Brooks started the company to make adaptive clothing for their daughter, Charlotte, who has medical needs of her own. They created rompers that help those with feeding tubes as well as diapering changes. Their boys line will launch next year. Their goal is to make adaptive clothing be something kids love to wear just as much as caregivers love putting them on their loved ones. They also feature a line of t-shirts with inclusive designs to help start conversations about disabilities. 

Brave Soul Blankets

Brave Soul Blankets was founded in 2017 by Melaney Niemiec, a young woman with cystic fibrosis and gastroparesis determined to spread joy to those going through similar battles. As Brave Soul Blankets grows, a wide variety of products have been made available through their Etsy Shop, where every purchase funds the mission to deliver cozy blankets to those in need.  

Shopping for a tubie or want to spoil yourself? Check out the absorptive Hug-A-Button Tubie Pads, supportive Tubie Clips, one-of-a-kind Drainage Bag Covers, and Tubing Connection Port Covers. In the shop you will find a wide variety of blankets; including cozy Fleece, buttery soft Plush Fleece, and Brave Soul’s signature lightweight Double Gauze Blanket! 

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