A company with heart

About us

Change can come from unlikely sources.

Like a little girl with cerebral palsy, for example, who went from “failing to thrive” to celebrating a happy 11th birthday. We began with an ambitious mission: to change the world by sharing Kate’s recipe for a richer, fuller life through healthy nutrition. We’ve seen it work wonders. So we follow and share Kate’s way.

Nature provides everything we need.

We know that our bodies, when given nutrition from nature, can heal themselves. We believe in listening to our bodies and fueling them with powerful ingredients that they need to thrive, heal, and perform at levels we didn’t think possible.

We are people with heart.

When you do something with all your heart, people can feel it – and it will inspire something in them, too. We follow our passion to provide functional nutrition for all ranges of dietary and medical needs, and we hope it becomes the beginning of something new for you.

Kate’s Story

Kate Farms began with determined parents and a formula developed to save their young daughter who was failing to thrive. This simple yet transformative idea of a formula that heals has grown into a family of medical nutrition formulas that help many discover new possibilities.

Today doctors, dietitians, parents, caregivers, and those with medical and dietary needs are empowered with the choice of a new formula. It’s nourishment that makes you feel good, because we all deserve nothing less.

Kate Farms, a young girl with cerebral palsy who is happy and healthy enjoys time with her family outside

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